Tales From The Road - Chapter 2 (Austin)

Writing to y'all from a coffee shop in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 
En route to New Orleans, ​Geli and I have decided to park the RV beside the bayou at a nearby state park and enjoy a day off.  

Our week in Austin was fantastic.  
Great food (beef ribs the size of your arm), friendly folks, fun gigs, and a healthy dose of Texas sunshine. 

After parking the RV at Geli's sister's apartment complex (thanks, Erika!), we decided to hit Barton Springs--one of Austin's many Colorado-river-fed swimming holes. We cooled off and caught up with some friends before enjoying a few tacos and heading to our gig at the Lustre Pearl--an old house converted into a happenin' bar. The gig there--hosted by friend and songwriter Aaron McDonnell--was great, with Geli pulling double-duty, jamming on tunes by both Aaron and myself for the entirety of the three hour set. 

The next day, we enjoyed a hike through Austin's greenbelt before heading to a gig at Redfin on the outskirts of town. We played on the patio stage while the sun slid to sleep and folks chowed down on tasty Texas seafood. The staff and crowd at this place were amazing. Geli and I sold quite a few T-Shirts and CDs.

On Friday morning, Geli and I traveled out to Dripping Springs--in the Hill Country--to play Homespun Kitchen and Bar's 2nd annual Oktoberfest. Despite battling a bit of wind and rain, the outdoor gig went well. After the sun came out, and we ate some tasty burgers, Geli, Theresa (a good friend, pictured above), and myself decided to hit the Deep Eddy distillery. We sampled a couple paddle-fulls of their vodka before heading back into Austin to hit a Texas dance floor and do some boot-scootin'.

Saturday was a much-needed day off, used for relaxation and exploring the city. As the sun set, we waited in vain for a huge swarm of bats to fly out from beneath the Congress Street bridge. We'll have to catch them next time. After that Geli, her sister, and I went to a local theater for an improv show. Then we caught a jazz band's set at a cool underground club. 

Sunday Geli and I did a bit of busking on South Congress street--serenading folks as they stood in line for tacos and ice cream. After making a bit of money there, we jetted to the east side of town where we played a sunny farmer's market to a crowd of very appreciative folks. The staff paid us with a huge bag of fresh produce, which we've been living off of for the past few days. 

Transitioning between cities is always bittersweet. We had a blast in Texas. Great to play so many successful gigs and hang with such great people. But now, camping on the swamp in Louisiana, we're already immersed in a new and exciting world--complete with alien-looking flora and reptiles galore.
And, as I scratch one of my many bug-bites, I'm excited to tell you all about it.