Surrendering to Serendipity

"Batting 1000," is a phrase that we've been saying this last week on this tour.
The theme has been "just say yes."
On our second day we hit up San Francisco and Alex led the way to this beautiful lookout on the coast called Devil's Slide. We were going to take our instruments out to play on the cliff when a man in a Prius pulled up and asked what we were up to. "Are you shooting a music video?" he asked. 
"Yes," was the reply that came from Bruce. 
So we did with the 4k camera and professional grade tripod that Mikey just happened to have with him. It was a beautiful moment of communion on the cliff.

It wasn't a surprise that the hostel we were staying at that evening happened to have a stage and we found ourselves giving an impromptu concert that was well received to the people lounging in the common area. The trip continued to unfold with busking, birthday libations in Yuba City, jamming in a moving van on the way to LA, and day after day of magical musical meanderings. Every day continued the unfolding as each person familiar or new brought their own flavor to the ways to say yes.

The road called and we answered but the truth is without the support of the people that we know and have met along the way, this musical adventure would not be possible. We're halfway through our Busk or Bust tour but it's made a permanent impression on our hearts. A couple more days in Phoenix and we'll be on our way back to the Northwest to arrive with our stories and the knowledge that when you make the space for it in your life it becomes easier to surrender to the serendipity that comes.


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