Becoming Visible

I've been waiting patiently to make this announcement, and I'm thrilled that I can finally tell you.

Over the past eight months, I've been putting together an anthology featuring work from a skilled cast of Seattle poets, many of whom are also singer-songwriters in the local music scene. 

Not only am I happy to announce the book's completion, but I'm also excited to be teaming up with Seattle / Portland publisher Common Meter Press on the release!

Here's the back-cover copy:
"Becoming Visible is a collection of poems by twelve Seattle-based writers. Each offers a unique perspective from their often-soggy corner of the country. From the whimsical wordplay of Gemma Maliszewski to the melancholy musings of Oscar Mejia, from Hailey Magee's erotic imagery to Lucas Van Linden's eloquent romanticism, this anthology contains something for everyone. 
Like one's first taste of fresh Northwest salmon, or view of the majesty that is Mount Rainier (Tahoma), the words and ideas within will leave an impression that lasts long after the final page has been turned." 

The book, which includes four unreleased poems from each writer, is now available for pre-order via the link below. (Until 1/31, you can enter the promo code BECOMING to get free shipping!)

On 2/18, we'll be celebrating the anthology's release with an in-the-round style performance at Seattle's Rabbitbox Theatre featuring a mixture of poetry and music (more details to come). 

The following poets will be featured in the collection: (with their Instagram handles)

Lucas Van Linden: @lucasvanlinden
Henry Wong: @h.wong_writing
Gemma Maliszewski: @jemma.malisheskey
Owl Scarey: @owl_scarey
Amy Laybourn: @laybournmusic
Andrew Drinnan: @longwaybackband
Megan Torgerson Drinnan: @megantorgerson
Nick Zettell: @showandzettell
Hailey Magee: @haileypaigemagee
Erin Roth: @shruggingshoulders

Cover art by my talented sister, Ashley Zuckerberg: (@sewhotrightnow_shop)
Huge thanks to @meredithsmithpoetry and Common Meter Press! (@commonmeter)

Let the countdown begin 🕑