Good Things

My new single, Good Things, is for anyone struggling to maintain hope in the midst of challenging circumstances. For those putting one foot in front of the other, day after day—praying for progress, searching for light, and holding onto the belief that they’ll find a way out. 

In January of 2022, I was bedridden by a health nightmare that made nerves in my hands, feet, and legs feel as though they were on fire. This was accompanied by several other symptoms; all of which, my doctors eventually determined, had been triggered by a widely recommended pharmaceutical procedure that had catapulted my immune system into an intense, self-targeting attack.

Luckily, in the months following my long-awaited diagnosis—through the courageous world of functional medicine—I was able to receive the treatment necessary to regain my active, fulfilling life. Now, almost two years later, each day without pain is a blessing, and I’m thankful I didn’t act on the nagging temptation to put a permanent end to my intense suffering.

While I was incapacitated and unable to work, most of my days were spent researching my novel condition, visiting doctors, and communicating with other people around the country who’d been injured by the same medical procedure. With almost all of my limited energy being directed toward healing, I did very little writing. Fortunately, the one song that did come out of this experience perfectly captured the duality of my thought process during the most harrowing challenge I’ve ever endured. 

Good Things is a snapshot of a person trying desperately to find motivation and meaning while locked in a body that has become a painful prison. 

Recorded, produced, and mixed at Vertigo Studios in Seattle, WA, by Brad Kaminski. 

Drums - Bruce Weitz

Bass - Chase Baldwin 

Guitar - Owen Thayer

Keys and Vocal Harmonies - Lucas Van Linden

Mastered by Blake Bickel of Dynamic Sound Service in Kalamazoo, MI.

Photo by Jon Leach (

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