Slow and Steady...

Hey all,
    Alex here.
I'm lying in bed, reflecting on the past year, and the year to come.
Gratitude is the word that continues to come to mind.
I am so thankful for the experiences we've had in our short time together, and excited to see what lies ahead.
The band has recently completed its first tour, released its first EP (available on iTunes), and is gearing up for a slew of local shows to kick off the new year. (Check 'em out in the Events section of the website.)

Over the past few weeks, the four of us have been enjoying some time to ourselves.
Each of us has another project (or twelve) that we've been nurturing, whether it be a novel we're writing, another musical endeavor (sometimes several), or just taking some time to recuperate.
The holidays are a great time to reflect, to regroup and strategize; and the members of The Road have been doing just that.

It is said that there is a calm before the storm.
And, to quote John Fogerty, with a line from one of his many Creedence classics:
It's been calm for far too long.

Expect much from us in 2016.
As the wheels roll on
                Slow and steady

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