Becoming Visible

I've been waiting patiently to make this announcement, and I'm thrilled that I can finally tell you.

Over the past eight months, I've been putting together an anthology featuring work from a skilled cast of Seattle poets, many of whom…

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Good Things

My new single, Good Things, is for anyone struggling to maintain hope in the midst of challenging circumstances. For those putting one foot in front of the other, day after day—praying for progress, searching for light, and holding onto the…

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Symptoms of the Night

My newest single, Symptoms of the Night, is now available for download in the music section of this site and streaming on all services!

I wrote the song years ago after catching myself over-thinking the magical process of…

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Due to health complications (from which I've been steadily healing), this year has been the most challenging of my life. Luckily, during my darkest moments, I had some wonderful people in my corner who helped me navigate the choppy waters…

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Sixteen Voices

Here's a video for an older tune of mine called "Sixteen Voices," shot, directed, and edited by the talented Wyatt Olney. 


Shovels, Sweat, and a Glimmer of Hope

How a Day of Dirty Work Changed the Life of One Homeless San Diegan

Two weeks ago, I answered a Craigslist ad for a construction job seeking applicants who were “good with a shovel.” Though my dirt-moving skills had…

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Into the Wild

I recently read “Into the Wild,” which is the true story of an upper-class college grad who sheds most of his possessions and travels the U.S. After two years of hitch-hiking and hopping freight trains, he wanders alone into…

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Make it Real

Announcing the release of five new songs to help kick off your summer! 

My latest EP, Make it Real, is now available in the music section of this site and on all streaming services. 
Massive gratitude to the…

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Back to Nashville

I'm thrilled to announce the release of Back to Nashville, the first single from my forthcoming EP. 

The song was written two years back while speeding down I-65, headed for Music City, which would become my home-base for…

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Hustlin' Hearts

New video posted above and in the "videos" section!

A father and son selling bottled water to tipsy tourists on the streets of Nashville. Immigrant construction workers sweating it out out six days a week in the hundred-degree Texas…

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Inside out

After almost four years of writing, re-writing, editing, and second-guessing, my first poetry collection, Inside out, is available for purchase in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon. 

"...the poems explore topics from love to loneliness, eccentric painters to…

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